Dell Laptops – What You Need To Know Concerning All Those Brand Names

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Before we have started, let me say that On the web, not a Dell reseller, none do I make a commission from sales of any Dell computer you’ll read about in this article. In other words, I am not attached to Dell Computer in any way. We have just done some analysis on Dell laptops and I am sharing it with you in this article, no strings attached.

ALRIGHT, got it? Let’s go.

Everybody knows, that Dell produces a large variety of laptops and notebook computers under lots of different brand names. Here’s a quick outline/rundown of what they offer you:

Dell Vostro

Dell’s Shape is being phased out and a “value-oriented” line of laptops — Vostro (Latin for “yours”) — has been created for the small enterprise market. One great thing to see: Dell claims the Vostro line will not come with “trialware” (or “crapware”) pre-installed. The opposite thing is that the Vostro netbooks have an “upmarket” — elegant — black finish having chrome trim.

Current Designs

The following laptop models ended up being released on July, 07 in Canada and the US.

Vostro 1000
Vostro 1400
Vostro 1500
Vostro 1700

Dell Latitude

Dell’s Latitude netbooks are targeted at the corporate sector, e. g., the road enthusiast. Latitude uses standardized, reply? able parts throughout the line. Of course, businesses want fast in addition to cheap product service, suitable? In addition, the specs work to NOT change for several years (also for support purposes).

Take note: This contrasts with the Dell Inspiron line which is directed at the (fickle and flighty? ) consumer market whose specifications change regularly.

Dell Latitude computers are also constructed with a more durable casing and also internal metal frames. Additionally, many offer hard drive defence systems in case the computer will be dropped or suffers any severe impact.

Current types

Current Latitude models range from the ATG, X1, D430, D520, D600, D620, the freshly launched D630 and the D830. Select models based on the Intel Core Duo, Core Solitary and Core 2 Duet are now available. The D420, D620, and D820 attribute wide-aspect LCD projection screens: 12. 1″, 14. 1″, and 15. 4″ correspondingly.

The Latitude D620 is 4. 7 pounds, along with the base model includes a – 67GHz Intel Core Coppia T2300 processor (667MHz front-side-bus) and 2M of L2 cache. There is an option to improve to a Core 2 Coppia T7X00 processor (667Mhz font-side-bus) with 4M of L2 cache.

It comes standard having 512M of DDR2 GOOD OLD RAM, expandable to 4GB, and 4 USB ports.

For visuals, it offers the Intel Visuals Media Accelerator 950, and also an option to upgrade to be able to NVIDIA discrete graphics at the expense of lower battery life.

Dell Precision

The Accurate brand name features the strong laptop computers that Dell tends to make. These include the M4300 and also M90. The M4300 is less in quality in comparison to the M90. These computers, while configured for extreme calculating, can exceed $3, 000. The Precision line is top-shelf: its Nvidia Quadro FOREIGN EXCHANGE CURRENCY 1500M – 3500M offers you super-high-end video graphics.

Dell Inspiron

Inspiron is directed at the consumer laptop market. Since June 26, 2007, the actual Inspiron name also describes Dell’s desktop systems too.

Current Configurations

Dell up-to-date their Inspiron series within June of 2007 using the 1420/1420 N, 1520/1521, as well as 1720/1721 models.

Inspiron 1420/1420 N Small (5. 39 lbs), portable models in line with the Intel Santa Rosa system. Both models have an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor chip (up to 2 . two GHz), 14. 1″ screen (up to 1440×900), and SATA hard drive (up to one hundred sixty GB), and 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (up to four GB). The 1420 functions as an integrated Intel X3100 or even NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS. 1420 has an integrated Intel X3100. Dell also offers Ubuntu Apache as an alternate operating system with this laptop. Available in 8 colourings.

Inspiron 1501 Mid-size (6. 19 lbs), mainstream type with an AMD Turion (up to 2 . 0 GHz) or Mobile AMD Sempron 3500+ processor, 15. 4″ display, ATI Radeon Xpress 1150, SATA hard drive (up to 120 GB), along with DDR2 SDRAM (up for you to 2 GB).

Inspiron 6400/E1505 N Mid-size (6. 16 lbs), mainstream models with the Intel Core 2 Coppia (up to 2 . 00 GHz), 15. 4″ exhibit, SATA hard drive (up for you to 160 GB), and DDR2 SDRAM (up to only two GB). The 6400 characteristics an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400. The E1505 features an integrated Intel Press Accelerator 950, ATI Radeon x1300, ATI Radeon x1400, or NVIDIA GeForce Proceed 7300.
Inspiron 1520/1521 Mid-size (6. 40 lbs), popular models based on the Intel Santa Claus Rosa platform (Model: GENERAL MANAGER 965 or PM 965).

The 1520 features a good Intel Core 2 Duet Processor (up to second . 2 GHz) with an incorporated Intel X3100 or N-VIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS/8600M GT. The 1521 characteristics an AMD Turion (up to 2 . 2 GHz) with an ATI Radeon Xpress 1150. Both models have got a 15. 4″ display (up to 1680×1050), 160GB SATA hard drive (option for 5400RPM or 7200RPM), and 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (up to 4 GB). Typically the notebooks also have the option into the future installed with Blu-Ray travel. Available in 8 colours using a webcam.

Inspiron 1720/1721 Significant (7. 62 lbs), luxury models based on the Intel Christmas\ Rosa platform (Model: GENERAL MOTORS IPO 965 or PM 965). 1720 features an Intel Core 2 Duet Processor (up to a second . 4 GHz) with an incorporated Intel X3100 or N-VIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS/8600M GT. The 1721 functions as an AMD Turion (up to 2 . 2GHz) having an ATI Radeon Xpress 1270. Both models have a 17″ display (up to 1900×1200), support for dual SATA hard drives (up to 500GB – 2 x 250GB drives), and 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (up to four GB). 1721 additionally features RAID 0 or even 1 hard drive configurations, a choice that is strangely missing through 1720.

They also lack DVI or HDMI connections, which will be expected for a high-end computer replacement, given their HDCP-compliant graphics card along with the Blu-ray Disc option. Both equal models are available in 8 colourings.


Dell has sold this brand as an all-in-one multi-media system.

XPS M2010 Computer software includes Dell’s “Media Center” with an instant-access button for you to quickly start the system one on one in this application, and it is pre-loaded with an 8-speaker and also subwoofer audio system. On the downside, the actual battery is only good for regarding 2 hours, but you are most likely not buying this laptop to consider the road — the system weighs in at almost 18 pounds.

Nevertheless, it is fully portable as well as self-contained. The case design features a detachable keyboard with full-size keys an integrated trackpad, and a flexible approach to screen positioning. The base unit cannot be unattached from the monitor, although the keep track offers articulation in 2 locations. The design incorporates a sizable handle which also kinds part of the display hinge rapid the optional carry circumstance uses this and does not supply a handle to lift the machine, but it does feature casters and a telescopic handle to be able to wheel the case around.

Its keyboard counterpart is often reported to attach magnetically. It uses two huge spring-loaded locating catches, yet does not fix rigidly for the chassis. Instead, the collapsed screen holds everything collectively. But when open the keyboard will detach easily. M2010 includes a wide, flat CPU portion with symmetrical design instructions the optical drive is definitely flush to the top floor and motorised.

Internally often the symmetry is maintained together with the centrally mounted CPU outfitted by two SATA HARLEY-DAVIDSON drives and two a/c – the GPU in addition to CPU coolers vent with opposite sides of the basic. The M2010 also includes a unique option, the Dell Premium Remote developed by Rotation Inc. Using 2 . 4GHz RF on an internal motherboard.

Referred to in the service regularly as a Wireless USB motherboard. it uses the Cypress “WirelessUSB” chipset, which predates and does not conform to the Cellular USB standard. the distant offers basic HID capabilities and control for House windows Media Centre with a further LCD allowing navigation in the music library in a type akin to an iPod or perhaps similar device. The distance had been exclusive to the M2010 from launch. In August the year of 2007 Gyration announced the Super R4000 remote which offers identical LCD-display functionality and has the same appearance.

XPS M1710 The particular higher-end mobile XPS personal computer available in black or reddish that features a 17″ vast screen, Intel Core 2 Duet processors, NVIDIA GeForce Head out 7900GS or 7950GTX videos cards, 7200 RPM SATA hard drive, and DDR2 RAM. The Inspiron E1705/9400 delivers similar features, notably often the Core Duo or Main 2 Duo processors, 17″ screen, and the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900GS for a smaller price (about $1000 a lot less than the M1710).

The M1710 does offer unique user- in addition to software-changeable LED lighting inside the touchpad and fan outlets/inlets, as well as the lid, also like BluRay Disc Drive in many models. The system was aimed at gamers. It was physically the same as the Inspiron 9100. This specific computer was later substituted by the Inspiron XPS Generation 2 and ultimately the existing XPS M1710. This design is highly expected[weasel words] to be replaced in the coming weeks.

XPS M1330 This high-end laptop, from June of 2007, capabilities the Intel Centrino’s Next Generation Santa Rosa program. It features a 13. 3″ screen either with CCFL or WLED. The WLED version will have a zero. 3 Megapixel digicam, as opposed to the 2MP camera with all the original CCFL screen.

Additionally, XPS 1330 also comes with a biometric fingerprint reader, which has been usually found in business school laptops like the latitude sequence. The XPS 1330, together with the WLED screen is finer and brighter than the preceding XPS 1210 version. Often the XPS M1330 also offers often the NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS graphics card as an option.


There you have it – the Dell line of netbooks. Hopefully, you gained thanks for the similarities and variances between the different brand names.

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