Are they usually the Goal of Education?


Ever since the creation of this material universe, man’s efforts to make a long-lasting residence here had usually been baffled. Birth, condition, old age and death, pester, nag, annoy everyone without an exemption. The laws of characteristics are so stringent that the also most powerful men are killed and reduced to our bones or ashes at the end. No one has ever escaped the particular icy hands of unexplainable death, in the past, and neither may anyone, in the future.

Despite intricate and varied insurance policies, there is not any immunity against disease, retirement years and death. Neither the particular elaborate security arrangement regarding politicians can protect any person from the ravages of condition old age and death.

The particular advancement of material knowledge did next to nothing, in dealing with these existential problems regarding life. It helps us for being acclimatized to birth, demise, and all sorts of suffering. Material researchers have discovered many facilities with regard to sense enjoyment and damage, but they have discovered no treatment for the problems of old age, illness, and death. They cannot create any machine that will examine death, old age, or illness. At best, material science can simply create bombs and principal points to accelerate the process of demise.

Those who are intelligent, however, aren’t concerned with the fourfold miseries of material life, but with a degree of lift to the spiritual planets.

The term education takes its origins from the Latin word ‘Educare’ which means to bring out. What on earth is to be brought out? The keen qualities are inherent in all creatures. The Bhagavad-gita, probably the older scripture on the planet, tells us which man has a physical, simple or mental and psychic presence. The senses are generally superior to the gross human body, the mind superior to the intuitively feels, above the mind is the intellect, and even above the intelligence could be the soul, the owner of the body.

Typically the bible corroborates this simple fact by saying man possesses a terrestrial and celestial body. It is only the spirit that survives death.

Actual education, therefore, means self-realization, the realization of the spiritual identification of the man. Real schooling begins with an inquiry into the self and its origin. Any kind of education which does not tackle this pertinent issue, or even lead to such realization should be considered avidya, or nescience. Therefore the advancement of studying by a godless civilization is really as dangerous as a valuable treasure on the hood of a cobra. A cobra decorated having a valuable jewel is riskier than the one not adorned. A decorated cobra can happen attractively, and easily mistake a lesser amount of the intelligent, but its fangs remain as poisonous along with deadly as the undecorated.

From the Vedic scriptures, the progression of education by a godless people is compared to the style of a dead body. In Of India, as in many other countries, a lot of people follow the custom of primary a procession with an adorned dead body for the pleasure of the lamenting relatives. In the same way, modern-day civilization is a patchwork involving activities meant to cover the actual perpetual miseries of material presence.

Out of His unlimited benevolence, the Personality of Godhead sends His bona fide associates in the form of His sons, maids and messengers such as Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, and so on to propagate spiritual schooling, by which the conditioned spirits of this world can go back to the eternal kingdom associated with God. Sometimes the Lord arrives Himself to do this work because all living beings tend to be His beloved sons, The parts and parcels. Lord feels more sorry than yourself, to see how all the lifestyle entities of this world are generally constantly undergoing great hardships.

The miseries of this stuff world serve to indirectly advise us of our incompatibility using matter. Intelligent living organizations generally take note of these signs and engage themselves in the traditions of transcendental knowledge. Man life is the best opportunity for typically the culturing spiritual knowledge, plus a human being who does not take benefit of this opportunity is called the naradhama, the lowest of humans.

The path of avidya, or even advancement of material knowledge with regard to sense gratification, is the route of repeated birth as well as death. As he is available spiritually, the living business has no birth or demise. Birth and death affect the outward covering from the spirit soul to the body. Demise is compared to the taking off as well as birth to the putting on associated with outward garments.

Foolish humankind who are grossly absorbed from the culture of avidya, nescience, do not mind this harsh process. Enamoured with the involvement of the illusory energy, they undergo the same miseries regularly and do not learn any instructions from the laws of mother nature.

Therefore the culture of vidya, or transcendental knowledge, is crucial for the human being. Sense satisfaction in the diseased material issue must be restricted as far as probable. An unrestricted sense of enjoyment with this bodily condition is the way of ignorance and loss of life. The living entities aren’t without spiritual senses; each and every living being in his original, religious form has all the sensory faculties, which are now materially described, being covered by the material mind and body.

The activities of the material sensory faculties are perverted reflections of the activities of the original, religious senses. In his diseased problem, the spirit soul participates in material activities under the materials covering. A real sense of pleasure is possible only when the disease involving materialism is removed. In your pure spiritual form, devoid of all material contamination, the true enjoyment of the senses can be done. A patient must regain their health before he can absolutely enjoy a sense of pleasure yet again.

Thus the aim of the human lifestyle should not be to enjoy perverted impression enjoyment but to cure the information disease. Aggravation of the stuff disease is no sign of data, but a sign of avidya, ignorance. For good health, somebody should not increase his nausea from 105 degrees in order to 107 degrees but really should reduce his temperature to the normal 98. 6. That ought to be the aim of human life.

The present-day trend of material civilization is always to increase the temperature of the feverish material condition, which has attained the point of 107 certifications in the form of atomic energy. In the meantime, the foolish politicians are usually crying that at any instant the world may go to heck. That is the result of the improvement of material knowledge and the overlooking of the most important part of existence, the culture of faith-based knowledge.

Sri Isopanisad thus warns that we must not adhere to this dangerous path bringing about death. On the contrary, we must build a culture of faith-based knowledge so that we may come to be completely free from the continuous miseries of birth, disease, retirement and death, and resume our eternal home inside the spiritual sky, where we can easily enjoy eternal bliss totally free of all material encumbrances.

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